Hi! I'm Mandi!

I'm a domestic violence victim advocate, podcaster and keynote speaker passionate about ensuring others, especially our youth, don’t end up in a situation like mine.

I remember feeling vulnerable and anxious that day the FBI showed up at my door to alert me they had been searching for my abusive ex.

I had to learn quickly how to use my intuition and learn some empowering skills to protect myself and young son. I created my own plot twist by becoming my own hero.

Many people feel powerless, hopeless, anxious, insecure and may be in harmful relationships and not know it, which leads to unhealthy choices and risks.

I help audiences avoid my same experiences and instead empower them to enjoy a safer, more peaceful future.

How I Empowered Myself

Studied under two top level self-defense instructors over the past decade

Completed a 40 hour advocacy course with my local women's shelter

Completed the Citizen’s Academy at my local police department

Some fun facts about me...

I need sunshine and nature every day!

I'm a crazy dog mom and cat lady! You too?

You'll find me drinking Jasmine Green Tea all day long!

My son is now over 20 years old, thriving, and healthy! #Gratitude


What Are The 10 Things I Do To Stay Safer?

See if you're doing these too!

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