Mandi Pratt Teen Speaker

I Speak About Resilience,

Mental Health and Empowerment

To help my audience feel more in charge of their lives and well-being so they reclaim their confidence and build a hopeful future

Tri-City Christian School

"We appreciated your vulnerability and bravery and the truth you shared with our kids!"

- Jackie B., Secondary Asst. Principal

  • Jacki

IVUSD We Rise Above

"Being able to apply the information given through practices was very helpful and it guided us to construct an inner response system. "
- Niki J., High School Junior

Method Charter School

"The message that we can overcome and rise above our difficult circumstances was empowering. Everybody can benefit from her wisdom."
- Jen W., Events Coord., Method Charter Schools


Hi! I'm Mandi

Feeling vulnerable, anxious and no hope for the future is a horrible feeling. I remember feeling that way when the FBI showed up at my door to alert me that my soon-to-be-ex was wanted.

I created my own plot twist by becoming my own hero and reclaiming confidence to feel more empowered and build a hopeful future for myself and son.

I am a trained domestic violence victim advocate, podcaster and speaker passionate about ensuring our youth don’t end up in a situation like mine.

Many young people feel powerless, hopeless, anxious, insecure and may be in harmful relationships and not know it, which leads to unhealthy choices and risks.

I help audiences avoid my same experiences and instead empower them to enjoy a peaceful future.

I Partner With Schools and Parents

to help students feel and stay safer through prevention, resilience and empowerment


KEYNOTE: Become Your Own Hero

How To Take Control of Your Life and Write Your Own Story

I speak about resilience to help audiences get their power back and feel more hope, peace and freedom for their future.

Combining powerful storytelling with practical life skills and wise advice, I share my jaw-dropping story and how I become my own hero.

Uniquely, my message emphasizes

emotional self-defense.

By teaching the power of intuition, mindset, and perception my audience learns what can help them live a life of mental health too.

In Person and Virtual Presentations Available.

Listeners Walk Away Inspired and Empowered With:

  • Increased Self Confidence

  • Power of Boundary Setting

  • Improved Situational, Social and Self Awareness

  • How to Build Resilience

  • Prioritized Mental Health

Workshops Offered

Preventing Toxic Relationships

Healthy relationships lead to better mental heath and a hopeful future!

How To Trust Our Intuition

Intuition is a safety mechanism. How do we listen and act on it?

Mental Health

How to prioritize mental health in a natural daily way.

The information was SO valuable! Mandi presents everything in such a practical and fun way. She is so wise with so much experience.


Thank you for your time and commitment to our training. The information you provide is very empowering!


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