I speak about resilience to help audiences feel more in charge of their lives & well-being so they reclaim confidence and build a hopeful future!

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Keynote: Become Your Own Hero - How To Take Control of Your Life and Write Your Own Story


Interactive Workshops on Intuition, Mental Health and Healthy Relationships


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Thank you so much for sharing your amazing story and tips to implement into our lives. We are in awe of how you have turned your pain into a career to make the world a better place.

- Jenessa M, Dir. of Exec. Admin, The Inland Gateway Association of REALTORS®

Keynote Speaker

Become Your OWN Hero - How To Take Control of Your Life and Write Your OWN Story!

I speak about resilience to help audiences get their power back and feel more hope, peace and freedom for their future. Combining powerful storytelling with practical life skills, I share my jaw-dropping story and how I became my own hero. By teaching the power of intuition, mindset and perception, my audience learns what can help them live a life of mental health too. Listeners walk away inspired and empowered!

Workshop Presenter

Choose From 3 Workshop Topics That Will Transform Your Audience!

Just my story alone will have your audience on the edge of their seats, but practical life skills will also be shared in an entertaining, interactive experience.


Get to know me and my story on "The Aware and Prepared Podcast" that helps those feeling vulnerable, learn emotional self defense and how to be street smart.

Hear safety tips that will help us enjoy empowered lives. Let’s leave worry behind so we can be savvy, aware, and prepared.

You deserve to live in peace and safety!

Mandi's motivating story and conversational style left an indelible impression on our participants. The message that we can overcome and rise above our difficult circumstances was empowering. Everybody can benefit from her wisdom.

- Jennifer. W, Event Coord. at Method Charter Schools


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Whether sharing my keynote or workshops with realtors, associations, conferences, retreats or schools, you are SURE to get a transformation for your audience! I look forward to chatting.

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