My Story

Hi, I'm Mandi

After being abused and stalked, I decided it was up to ME to be safe. Over the past decade I've spent countless hours and thousands of dollars in personal, hands-on training with top level self-defense instructors. I've also completed a 40 hour advocacy course at a local women's shelter and have completed a Citizen's Academy through my local police department.

I am now my own bodyguard. And I can’t wait to share with YOU the best resources that helped me transform from feeling unsafe and worried to having my OWN ability to protect myself and son!

I never want any woman or young girl to feel trapped and scared like I did.

What Our Students Have to Say

“Loved it! I didn’t realize how many simple things you can do to stay safe. This course was so informative and made me feel empowered! Every woman needs to learn this.”
- Helen,
dog mom extraordinaire
“The steps are laid out in a way that’s easy to read and remember. Thank you! These are such great things to keep in mind and practice!”
- Terran,
avid hiker