Self Defense Training Options

Empowering women to move from fear and worry of violence to feeling aware and prepared to outsmart the bad guys.

Enjoy independence and peace-of-mind with the 4 Module Women Aware and Prepared Course from the comfort of your own home!

If you’re anything like me, I didn’t want to be a badass, I just wanted to be safe: to be sure my son and I would be ok. I had no time to sift through all the online info plus I wasn’t able to physically attend a women’s self-defense course at that time.

I wanted to know how, as a woman, to be smarter not stronger than any bad guy or my former husband, a bank robber and fugitive wanted by the FBI, who harassed me and didn’t follow our restraining order. I felt out of control. Full of worry. I was alone and overwhelmed.

After enough worry and frustration I finally found a mentor to teach me how to get past all the noise and simply defend myself. He taught me that my mind is the best weapon and prevention is key. This clicked with me and I began on my journey to independence and ability to harness my fear into skill.


LIVE WITH MANDI Learn in a group setting
PLUS Private FB group for alumni/ One 30 min call with Mandi / PDF with 52 Tips and Tricks

$297 per family


PRIVATE COACHING specific to your situation, needs and timing
PLUS Private FB group for alumni / Includes ALL course instant access / Specially Tailored Safety Plan / PDF with 52 TIps and Tricks

Here's What Our Empowered Alumni Say:

“Loved it! I didn’t realize how many simple things you can do to stay safe. This course was so informative and made me feel empowered! Every woman needs to learn this.”
- Helen, ​
dog mum extraordinaire
“The steps are laid out in a way that’s easy to read and remember. Thank you! These are such great things to keep in mind and practice!”
- Terran,
avid Hiker
”I was initially concerned I would not have time to do a course but was able to read through the course in 2 afternoons! The modules are engaging, practical and completely doable!"
- Stephanie,
working mom with a busy toddler


For ANY Woman Wanting To Prevent Dangerous Situations + Know What To DO If Attacked!

4 Week Course / 1 Hour Each Week

Lifetime Access To Course, Bonuses and Recordings!

Weekly encouragement and practice games in our private Facebook group!

How To Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Mindset / Threats / Victims / Learn Awareness

How to Stay Safe When You're Out and About

How to Avoid Trouble While Shopping / Travel / + More

How to Keep Your Home/Property Safe

Make Criminals Unwelcome / How to Keep Them Away

How to Keep Our Loved Ones Safe

How To Protect Themselves / Relationship Safety / + More

Plus these bonuses…

BONUS: Tools and Resources I Recommend

BONUS: Tips For Working With The Police

BONUS: Self Care and Journal Through Your Fear


While I do not hold a black belt, I learned savvy tips over the past decade from top-level experts. These practical, actionable skills I share helped even me, with chronic pain, be able to outsmart a ‘bad guy’ and stop him in his tracks. 

I’d never want you to be unhappy about purchasing something you don’t feel works for you. If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, simply contact me within 30 days of completing the course and I’ll give you a full refund.

You have lifetime access to the course as long as it exists! If I add new material, you are privy to that as well.

No, you don’t need to log in at a specific time. For the group study, if you weren’t able to do the course work that week, you can still join us at the end of the week live Q&A which also gives a review. These are recorded, so no worries if you miss one.

Nope. Nothing will, unless you live in a bubble. BUT, this course will definitely decrease your odds of an attack if you do the coursework and practice!

Trainings are not set in advance. I only offer the course when I know I can dedicate 4 full weeks to my new students in the course and Facebook group.

Only if you choose the self study option. Otherwise, you will receive LIVE weekly coaching with me during the four week time frame for group study OR LIVE coaching during your own time frame for private 1 to 1 study with me, personally,

No. That’s the whole point of the course. We all have fear, which is normal. You will learn to use that fear, harness it and have practical solutions to gain more control of your situation. Once you have solutions and practice them, you are confident.

THAT is the real question. Please consider this. We cannot predict when we might need this info. Don’t delay! You won’t regret it!

This is FOR YOU
if you’re tired of:

• Feeling uneasy when hiking alone

• Constantly looking over your shoulder when out at night

• Worrying about the kids you love being harmed

There’s never going to be a perfect time to learn this, so GO FOR IT!

(You have lifetime access once you purchase!)

Here's What Our Empowered Alumni Say:

“Ariella and I took this class with two of our friends with teens and the information was SO valuable!! Mandi presents everything in such a practical and fun way...She's up to date on all the latest information and tools which made it even more wonderful..”
- Tammi
Completed the LIVE Course with friends
“Mandi is a trustworthy and capable coach who actually took my fear seriously. She provided how to prepare the one person I need to rely on should I ever find myself in a situation that requires the skill and confidence to ensure my own safety: ME!”
- Ann
Completed the Private Study
"I attended this course several weeks ago and HIGHLY recommend it! I learned a TON about becoming aware of my surroundings, how to stay safe when I'm out and about, protecting myself, property and loved ones while at home, and lots of other related safety tips. Check it out NOW and register for the class!"
- Nancy
Completed the LIVE Course with friends