I Speak About Resilience,

Mental Health

and Empowerment

To help my audience

feel more in charge of their lives

and well-being so they reclaim

their confidence and build a hopeful future

Inland Gateway Assoc. of Realtors

"Thank you so much for sharing your amazing story and tips to implement into our lives."

- Jenessa M.

IVUSD We Rise Above

"Being able to apply the information given through practices was very helpful and it guided us..."
- Niki J.

Method Charter School

"The message that we can overcome and rise above our difficult circumstances was empowering.."
- Jennifer W.

Keynote Speaker, Workshop Presenter and Podcast Host

You deserve to live in peace and safety!

Feel seen, heard and supported by Mandi and hear her wisdom learned after such a life-shattering story so you too can rise again!


It's horrible to feel vulnerable, anxious and no hope for the future!

I remember feeling that way when the FBI showed up at my door.

I had to learn quickly how to use my intuition and develop new skills to protect myself and young son. I don't want ANYONE else to find themselves in such a vulnerable circumstance, so I empower others through my story how to live a safer, more peaceful future.

How I can help you


Keynote: Become Your Own Hero - How To Take Control of Your Life and Write Your Own Story


Book Me To Present An Interactive Workshop Providing Tools For Practical Life Skills


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New Podcast Episodes with Show Notes

Narcissist Pastor Predators

Mica's death is still a mystery. Her family shares things that don't add up. We also learn the psych profile of a narcissist...

Exposing Spiritual Abuse

Suspicions of foul play deepen as Mica's pastor husband, an abuser, starts to have his crimes and spiritual abuse exposed...

Inside The Mind of Shooter

Concludes 3 part series. Self defense tools + how communities can come together to support those facing threats...

"Mandi's motivating story and conversational style left an indelible impression on our participants. The message the we can overcome and rise above our difficult circumstances was empowering. Everybody can benefit from her wisdom."

- Jen W., Events Coordinator at Method Charter Schools


Grab The Top 10 Things I Do Everyday To Stay Safer!

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