Empowering women of ALL ages to become her OWN bodyguard

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Hi, I'm Mandi

I wasn’t looking to be a badass.

I just wanted to be safe: to be sure my son and I would be ok.

I wanted to know how, as a woman, to be smarter not necessarily stronger than any bad guy or my former husband, a bank robber and fugitive wanted by the FBI. I felt out of control. Full of worry. I was alone and overwhelmed.

After enough worry and frustration I finally found a mentor to teach me how to get past all the noise and simply defend myself. He taught me that my mind is the best weapon and prevention is key. This clicked with me and I began on my journey to independence and ability to harness my fear into skill.

I am now my own bodyguard and I teach other women of all ages how to do the same.

How I help women of all ages outsmart the bad guys and live a safer life!

Two things to know before buying pepper spray

"I was able to read this entire book in about 30 minutes and learned so much about pepper spray. I feel more confident now should I ever find myself in a situation where I might need to use it.
- Nelly

Women Aware and Prepared

“Loved it! I didn’t realize how many simple things you can do to stay safe...so informative and made me feel empowered! Every woman needs to learn this.” - Helen

Your audience will walk away empowered!

"That was great, and really helpful -- thank you so much! You really made a big contribution to the women this evening! Thank you!"
- Rosie, Women's Team

REAL TALK? 1 in 3 WOMEN will be attacked with the intent of sexual assault in her lifetime*

- 70% of victims of rape know their assailant
- 80% of sexual assault attacks are on women under the age of 30
- More than 50% of rapes occur at or within one mile of the victims' homes

Because of this, you know you need something to help you be safe and you’re looking for the perfect help to do that. I’ll teach you what you need to know!

*(National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence). 

Empowering women to move from fear and worry of violence to feeling aware and prepared to outsmart the bad guys.

Why wait? Enjoy increased independence and peace-of-mind NOW with my help!

Here's What Our Empowered Alumni Say:

“Loved it! I didn’t realize how many simple things you can do to stay safe. This course was so informative and made me feel empowered! Every woman needs to learn this.”
- Helen, ​
dog mum extraordinaire
“The steps are laid out in a way that’s easy to read and remember. Thank you! These are such great things to keep in mind and practice!”
- Terran,
avid Hiker
”I was initially concerned I would not have time to do a course but was able to read through the course in 2 afternoons! The modules are engaging, practical and completely doable!"
- Stephanie,
working mom with a busy toddler